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How to make a Winning Application

How to make a Winning Application

Searching for a property that you like is hard enough.
With all the endless open for inspections and continuous negotiation with the agents, it can quickly become can become both stressful and tiring. Then, more than likely, if you find the right property for you, there are going to be others that like it too.

So, how do you make your application rise above the rest?

Here are 5 Tips that could make your rental application the most attractive to an owner.

TIP 1# Preparing your documents 

The most common mistake is an incomplete application. It is integral that all your information is current and complete. The best way to make sure you are prepared is to use an online application service.  There are several but most agencies use 1form. Another popular and upcoming application site is Snug.

Start by gathering the essential information, remember the more information the better. These include:

  • 100 Point of ID ( Drivers Licence, Passport, Medicare, Bank Statement)
  • Rental Receipts
  • Current Residence, if you are a current homeowner, provide council rates
  • Current Employer, provide 3 months worth of payslips and let your employer know someone will be in contact with them to check references.
  • If you have a pet, try to add a pet reference from your current property manager, and include council registration and vaccination documents.

TIP 2# Enquiries

Once you find a property that ticks all the boxes from the ad, it’s time to go check it out to see if it really is suitable to be your next home. Where most tenants fail to see the importance of making a good impression with the Agent, being proactive but not pushy can work in your favour. For example, calling to see a possibility of viewing the property before the next open home can work in your favour, however if it is not possible, then applying for the property can show your seriousness and have you at the front of the agent’s mind.

TIP 3# Impression at the Open Home

When at the open home, firstly, be presentable at the inspection and most importantly Be On Time! You need to make a good impression, so go and speak to the agent, show them you are interested. Ask them, how to apply if you haven’t already, and tell them that you have your application ready to send off.

TIP 4# Negotiation

There are a few ways that you can make your application stronger.

Your Lease Term
Most landlords are looking for some stability and a tenant who will take care of their property. If they find a good tenant they usually look for someone who can stay for more than 12 months. Therefore offering an 18 month lease could strengthen your application.

Your Move In Date
Vacancy is a big problem for landlords, the more time the property is vacant, the more it is costing them money. If you can move in straight away it is ideal for a landlord. You are saving them money over the person who needs to give 21 days notice at their current property. If you have to give notice where you live, try and make it less stressful for you and have a week cross over, it’s win-win as you take your time moving and you look more attractive to the owner.

The Price
Well, this one is certainly an obvious one but most people don’t think to offer a little more. I am not encouraging going out of your budget and there are other ways to secure the property as stated above. However, if this is the one, the property that you must have, then why not make it that little bit more attractive to the landlord.

TIP 5# Followup

A followup call is always good practice to double check if there are any questions about your application. The more you can make the agent’s life easier when checking your application, the quicker they can speak to the owner and get you an answer, plus they may well be deciding between you and one other candidate, and if they receive a pleasant message from you, that might be enough to swing the contest in your favour.


Cameron Chung

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